Pachycereus lepidanthus Eichlam

Cereus lepidanthus Eichlam, Monatsschr. Kakteenk. 19: 177. 1909.

Stems simple or with few stout branches, light green; ribs 7 to 9, rather low, separated by broad, rounded intervals; areoles about 1 cm. apart, small; radial spines about 10, slender, 1.5 cm, long or the longer ones 4 cm. long; the central ones stouter and somewhat flattened, 3 to 6 cm. long; flowers 7 cm. long, 2.5. cm. broad; perianth-segments arranged in 3 or 4 series, 2.5 cm. long, 8 mm. broad, below red, above sepia-brown, persisting on the fruit; ovary and flower-tube covered with membranous scales; fruit dry.

Type locality: Rancho San Agustin, Guatemala.

Distribution: Guatemala.

This plant resembles Escontria chiotilla, with which we at one time thought it was related, but it has very different areoles on the stems, while the areoles in the axils of the fruit scales, instead of being naked, are described as bearing felt and bristles, and the fruit as dry instead of juicy. We have studied living specimens of the plant both in the New York Botanical Garden and in the Cactus House at Washington, but none of these has flowered, and we know its flowers and fruits only from Eichlam's description above cited.

Illustration: Monatsschr. Kakteenk. 23: 53, as Cereus lepidanthus.

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