Pachycereus grandis Rose Contr U S Nat Herb 12 421 1909

Cereus bergerianus Vaupel, Monatsschr. Kakteenk. 23: 24. 1913.

Plant 6 to 10 meters high, either simple or much branched, the trunk sometimes a meter in diameter; branches, when present, columnar, generally simple, becoming erect almost from the first with numerous constrictions, pale green, or when young glaucous, with some bloom which persists in streaks; ribs 9 to 11, acutish, high; sterile areoles circular, large, bearing white felt and subulate spines, 2 to 3 cm. apart, not running together, not extending below the spines as in P. pecten-aboriginum; old spines grayish to white with black tips; radial spines 9 or 10; central spines 3, the lower one longer, sometimes 6 cm. long, somewhat flattened; flowering areoles large, elliptic, bearing acicular or bristle-like spines; flowers rather small for the genus, about 4 cm. long; ovary and flower-tube bearing small, acuminate scales, their axils filled with downy hairs; fruit large, globular, dry, covered with long yellow bristles and yellow felt.

Type locality: On the pedregal near Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Distribution: Common in the State of Morelos, Mexico.

This plant is very common on the pedregal north of Cuernavaca, where it was first observed by Dr. Rose in 1906 (No. 11087), and is frequent on the hills south of Cuernavaca. Mr. Dowell, the cactus dealer in Mexico City, told Dr. Rose that he had exported plants to Europe, but whether they are now in the trade we do not know. A living specimen sent back by Dr. Rose has since been growing in the Washington Botanical Garden.

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