Mediocactus gen nov

A more or less epiphytic cactus, usually growing in trees, with long procumbent branches; branches usually 3-winged, slender, producing aerial roots, the areoles short-spiny; flowers large, funnelform, nocturnal, the tube bearing distant scales; inner perianth-segments white; ovary tuberculate, its felted and spiny areoles subtended by small scales; fruit oblong, red, its areoles felted and spiny.

In habit and flowers this plant much resembles Hylocereus, but differs from it in its tuberculate ovary and in the felted and spine-bearing areoles of the fruit, which resemble those of Selenicereus.

The genus has 2 species, so far as known to us, the type being Cereus coccineus Salm-Dyck. Its name implies intermediate characters as it suggests both Hylocereus and Selenicereus.

* Walpers (Repert. Bot. 2: 278. 1843) gave this variety as a synonym of this species. fCereusfulgens (Monatsschr. Kakteenk. 6: 190. 1896) is a misspelling.

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