Leptocereus maxonii sp nov

Stems 1 to 1.5 meters high, more or less branched, erect or sometimes with recurved branches; ribs 5 or 7, usually 6, thin, 6 to 15 mm. deep, scalloped; areoles 1.5 to 2 cm. apart, circular; spines when young of a decided yellowish-brown color, dark brown or sometimes whitish in age, about 20 from an areole, needle-shaped, the longer ones 3 cm. long; flowers 5 to 6 cm. long; inner perianth-segments about 32, spreading at right angles to the tube, linear-oblong, yellowish green inside, the outer obtuse, the inner acute; stamens cream-colored; ovary and flower-tube densely covered with yellowish spines; immature fruit bur-like, 4 cm. long, densely covered with yellow or brownish spines.

Fig. 115.—Leptocereus maxonii.

Collected by Wm. R. Maxon at Berraco, 8 miles east of Daiquiri, Cuba, April 13, 1907 (No. 4023), and by Britton and Cowell at the same locality, March 1912 (No. 12657, type).

This species differs from L. assurgens in habit, in having more ribs, and in the flowers and young shoots being covered with yellow spines and bristles instead of dark brown ones.

Figure 115 is from a photograph of a branch of the plant collected by Mr. Maxon as above cited.

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