Lemaireocereus eichlamii nom nov

Cereus laevigatus guatemalensis Eichlam in Weingart, Monatsschr. Kakteenk. 22: 182. 1912. Not C. guatemalensis Vaupel.

Cylindric, simple in cultivation, deep green except for narrow glaucous bands showing the commencement of new growth; ribs 8 to 10, rather broad and rounded, with acute intervals between; areoles large, brown-felted at first, soon gray; spines 4 to 6, acicular, nearly porrect, 2 cm. long or less; flower-buds obtuse; flower 6 to 7 cm. long; outer perianth-segments greenish purple, obtuse, with serrulate margins; inner perianth-segments purple, 10 to 15 mm. long, widely spreading or even rolled backward; tube proper 15 to 18 mm. long, ribbed within; tube funnelform, 2.5 cm. long, its surface covered with stamens; filaments unequal, white, numerous; style slender, white below, orange above, included; ovary tuberculate, each tubercle crowned by a minute scale; areoles on the ovary bearing brown felt but no spines.

Type locality: Guatemala.

Distribution: Guatemala.

Illustration: Monatsschr. Kakteenk. 22: 183, as Cereus laevigatus guatemalensis.

Figure 132 shows a plant in the collection of the New York Botanical Garden.

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