Lemaireocereus cartwrightianus sp nov

Plant 3 to 5 meters high, with woody trunk, much branched; branches consisting of short stout joints, 15 to 60 cm. long, 8 to 15 cm. in diameter; ribs 7 or 8; areoles large, brown-felted; young spines white, brown, black, or variegated, about 20, 1 to 2 cm. long, except on the old trunk and here 12 cm. long or more; flowers slender, 7 to 8 cm. long, opening in the early evening; outer perianth-segments narrow, 1 to 1.5 cm. long, reddish, erect; inner perianth-segments small, white except at the spreading tips; filaments numerous, short, included; fruit globular to oblong, 8 to 9 cm. long, covered with clusters of weak spines, deciduous when ripe, red without, white within.

Very common on the flats near Guayaquil; collected by J. N. Rose, J. H. Burns, and George Rose, north of the city, August Fig. i47.-Flower of Lemaireocereus laetus. X0.6.

11, 1918 (No. 21118). It is characterized Fig. 148.—Fruit of same. X0.6. by very narrow flowers.

Figure 145 shows a plant, growing on the flats of the Catamayo Valley, southern Ecuador, photographed by George Rose in 19 18; figure 146 is from a photograph taken by Mrs. J. N. Rose at Matucana, Peru; figure 147 shows its flower and figure 148 its fruit.

Fig. 149.—Lemaireocereus humilis.

It is named for Mr. Alfred Cartwright who has for many years been connected with the British Consular Service at Guayaquil and who has aided many visiting scientists. Mr. Cartwright first described this plant to us and directed us to its peculiar habitat.

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