Key to Species

Ribs usually 3, rarely 4, thick.

Joints 8 to 10 cm. wide, deeply crenate; spines very stout, subulate.

Spines 1 to 6; perianth-tube about 7 cm, long 1. A. horridus

Spines about 10, the outer 5 to 8, very short; perianth-tube about 12 cm. long 2. A. colombianus

Joints 2 to 8 cm. wide, low-crenate; spines slender.

Spines well developed, subulate 3. A. pentagonus

Spines short or none, when present acicular 4. A. subinermis

Ribs 4 to 7, mostly thin. Plants green.

Spines up to 7 cm. long; ribs to 5 5. A. occidentalis

Spines 3 cm. long or less; ribs 5 to 7 6. A. brasiliensis

Plants bluish white; joints 4-angled; spines 2 to 6, the longest 2 cm. long 7. A. albicaulis

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