Key to Species

Stems more or less branched, usually erect.

Limb of flower broad.

Joints relatively slender, 5 to 9 cm. thick.

Ribs transversely sulcate between the areoles.

Tubercles prominent 1. T. thelegonus

Tubercles not prominent 2. T. thelegonoides

Ribs not transversely sulcate between the areoles.

Central spine solitary 3. T. spachianus

Central spines 4 4. T. lamprochlorus

Joints stout.

Ribs on old plants very numerous and the spines bristle-like 5. T. pasacana

Spines yellow, at least when young; ribs 4 to 8 6. T. bridgesii

Spines brown from the first; ribs 6 to 8.

Plant dark green; spines few at each areole or wanting 7. T. pachanoi

Plant light green; spines several at each areole.

Spines acicular, 2.5 cm. long or less 8. T. macrogonus

Spines subulate, up to 7 cm. long.

Spines swollen at base; young growth green 9. T. cuzcoensis

Spines not swollen at base; young growth very glaucous 10. T. peruvianus

Ribs 16 or 17 11. T. chiloensis

Spines very stout, formidable.

Spines dark brown 12. T. coquimbanus

Spines yellow 13. T. terscheckii

Limb of flower narrow 14. T. fascicularis

Stems usually simple, low, cespitose.

Flowers red or yellow, short, more or less campanulate 15. T. huascha

Flowers elongated, funnelform, white. Tube longer than the limb.

Ribs few, 9 to 11 16. T. candicans

Ribs 12 to 18.

Stem slender, elongated 17. T. strigosus

Stem stout, short 18. T. shaferi

Tube about the length of the limb 19. T. schickendantzii

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