Hylocereus bronxensis sp nov

Joints strongly 3-angled, dull grayish green, 3 to 4 cm. broad; ribs strongly undulate, the margins horny and brown; areoles 2 to 3 cm. apart; spines about 10, acicular, brown in age, about 6 mm. long; flowers 25 cm. long; outer perianth-segments broad, ovate, obtuse or rounded; inner perianth-segments oblong, rounded at apex, more or less apiculate, but not long-acuminate; scales on the ovary broad; stigma-lobes (perhaps) bifid.

Described from specimens which flowered in the New York Botanical Garden (No. 9722) June 28, 1912. The plant was obtained from G. E. Barre in 1902, but its origin is otherwise unknown. It is related to Hylocereus ocamponis but its flowers are quite different from those of that species.

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