Espostoa gen nov

Columnar plants with numerous low ribs and when flowering developing a pseudocephalium similar to that of some species of Cephalocereus; areoles strongly armed with spines, and bearing long white hairs; flowers small, short-campanulate, nearly hidden by the surrounding wool, probably opening at night; tube short; outer perianth-segments pinkish, the inner ones probably white; stamens and style short, included; scales on ovary and flower-tube small, acute, with long silky caducous hairs; fruit subglobose to broadly obovoid, smooth, its flesh pure white, slightly acid, very juicy, edible; seeds very small, black, shining.

This genus resembles the typical species of Cephalocereus. Berger suggested that it was an Oreocereus, but this was before he had seen any flowers of the latter; we now know that there is much difference not only in the flowers but also in the fruit and seeds. It is named for Nicolas E. Esposto, a very keen botanist who is connected with the Escuela Nacional de Agricultura at Lima, Peru.

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