DEAMIA gen nov

An elongated cactus, clambering over or pendent from rocks or climbing and growing on bark of living trees, the joints usually broadly 3-winged, but sometimes 5 to 8-ribbed or winged, clinging by aerial roots; spines of the areoles numerous, acicular, or in juvenile forms bristly; flowers diurnal, very large, the tube slender, elongated; throat funnelform; inner perianth-segments yellowish white; stamens numerous, slender, attached all over the throat; style rather slender; scales on ovary and tube very small, bearing 3 to 5 long brown bristles in their axils; stigma-lobes linear, entire; fruit not known.

A monotypic genus of Mexico, Central America, and Colombia, dedicated to Charles C. Deam, a diligent botanical collector, who sent the plant to us from Guatemala.

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