Stems columnar, usually very short, branching from the base; the branches stiff, more or less erect, strongly ribbed; areoles very spiny; flowers diurnal (?), rather large, with a broad, open throat, the tube proper very short; perianth-segments yellow or orange; filaments numerous, stiff, short, scattered all over the throat, much shorter than the segments; style short and stiff, with numerous stigma-lobes; ovary and flower-tube bearing numerous conspicuous areoles with brown or black wool and subtended by minute scales; fruit juicy, globular, covered with clusters of deciduous acicular spines; seeds small.

Type species: Cereus brevistylus Schumann.

A genus of three known species of similar habit and flowers, natives of Peru and Bolivia. The flowers have very short tubes, but are quite different from those of Eulychnia, to which Berger referred the only species he knew.

While the species are similar in a general way, they are individually different in habit, armament, and in shades of color and size of the flowers; their ranges do not overlap, as they are found in different regions and at different altitudes. One of them occurs in the coastal mountains of southern Peru, altitude 550 meters; one in the foothills of the Andes proper, altitude 2,300 meters; and one in the great valley of the Andes in Bolivia, altitude 3,650 meters.

The genus is named for T. A. Corry, chief engineer of the Ferrocarril del Sur of the Peruvian Corporation, who much facilitated our exploration of this region. It is rather remarkable that all three of these species are found along this very interesting railroad, which extends from the sea-level to an altitude of 16,000 feet.

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