Cephalocereus sartorianus Rose Contr U S

Plant 3 to 5 meters high or more, with nearly erect branches, these 7 to 10 cm. in diameter, bluish or bluish green; ribs (in the three individuals examined) 7, 2 cm. high, marked by a pair of grooves descending obliquely, one on each side, from each areole; areoles closely set, usually 1.5 cm. apart; radial spines at first 7 or 8, others apparently developing later; central normally one; all spines short, 1 cm. long or less, at first straw-colored, in age grayish; all areoles producing few or many cobwebby hairs; flowering areoles appearing on one side of the plant, in the specimen under observation on a single rib, and producing long white hairs 4 to 6 cm. long; flowers 6 to 8 cm. long, "dirty rose-red"; fruit red.

Type locality: State of Vera Cruz, Mexico.

Distribution: Vera Cruz, Mexico.

In the original description, based on material sent by Dr. C. A. Purpus, we stated that the branches were "light or yellowish green, apparently not pruinose." The illustration in Blühende Kakteen referred to below, however, shows very blue and probably pruinose branches.

It seems to grow in thickets, and is very slender, with a few slender, nearly erect branches bearing large masses of wool at the top.

Illustration: Blühende Kakteen 2: pl. 79, as Pilocereus houlletii.

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