Cephalocereus piauhyensis Grke

Cereuspiauhyensis Gürke, Monatsschr. Kakteenk. 18: 84. 1908.

Plant tree-like, 5 to 10 meters high; trunk woody, 3 to 5 dm. in diameter, with a smooth, nearly spineless bark; branches 20 to 100, slender, bluish green; ribs 13, low; areoles large, each flowering one bearing a tuft of long white hairs; spines numerous, yellowish brown, acicular, unequal, the longest 3 cm. long; flowers 3.5 to 4 cm. long, naked; fruit depressed, glaucous, 4 cm. broad, naked.

Type locality: Rocks of the Serra Branca, Piauhy, Brazil.

Distribution: On the dry hills in the caatinga along the Sâo Francisco River in the States of Bahia and Piauhy, Brazil.

It resembles Cephalocereus catingicola, but has more slender branches, more ribs, smaller flowers, and smaller fruits. The trunk is woody, very heavy, and is often sawed into boards and used for making picture frames and the like. We have referred here the plant collected by Dr. Rose in Bahia without having seen the type of the species.

Figure 72 is from a photograph taken by Paul G. Russell east of Joazeiro, Bahia, Brazil, in 1915.

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