Cephalocereus lanuginosus Linnaeus Britton and Rose Contr U S Nat Herb 12 417 1909

Cactus lanuginosus Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 467. 1753.

Cereus lanuginosus Miller, Gard. Dict. ed. 8. No. 3. 1768, as to name only.

Cereus crenulatus Salm-Dyck, Observ. Bot. 3: 6. 1822.

Cereus lanuginosus glaucescens Pfeiffer, Enum. Cact. 80. 1837.

Pilocereus crenulatus Rümpler in Förster, Handb. Cact. ed. 2. 655. 1885.

Pilocereus lanuginosus Rümpler in Förster, Handb. Cact. ed. 2. 672. 1885.

Often tall and tree-like, either nearly simple or much branched; branches elongated, to 13-ribbed, bright blue, somewhat glaucous; ribs rounded when young, separated by acute intervals; spines acicular, light yellow when young; young areoles all woolly, the flowering ones bearing dense tufts of wool, but this not very long; flowering areoles confined to 2 to 4 ribs on the south side of the plant; flower-buds short, green, rounded at the apex; flowers opening in the early evening, 6 cm. long; outer perianth-segments short, green; inner perianth-segments ovate, white, short; stamens numerous, included; style rigid, white, slightly exserted; stigma-lobes white; fruit depressed, red, naked.

Type locality: Island of Curaçao.

Distribution: Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire.

Cereus crenulatus gracilior Salm-Dyck (Hort. Dyck. 63. 1834) 15 only a mentioned name.

Illustrations: Loudon, Encycl. Pl. f. 6861, as Cactus lanuginosus; Rep. Mo. Bot. Gard. 16: pl. 4, f. 5 as Cereus lanuginosus; Hermann, Par. Botavus pl. 115, as Cereus erectus, etc; Monatsschr. Kakteenk. 12: 56, as Pilocereus lanuginosus.

Figure 73 is from a photograph taken on Curaçao by Mrs. J. N. Rose in 1916.

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