Acanthocereus brasiliensis sp nov

Stems weak, at first erect but soon prostrate or clambering over bushes, usually much branched at base, bright green, somewhat shining; ribs to 7, high and thin, slightly undulate; areoles small, 2 to 4 cm. apart; spines numerous, acicular, white with brown tips, 3 cm. long or less; flowers about 15 cm. long; buds acuminate; outer perianth-segments linear; ovary bearing clusters of acicular spines; fruit globular, slightly tuberculate, 8 cm. in diameter, green, covered with clusters of acicular deciduous spines; pulp greenish white; seeds few, large, brownish.

Common in thickets in the subarid parts of Bahia, Brazil, where it was frequently observed by Dr. Rose in 1915; the type is from Machado Portella (No. 19903).

This species not only is out of the range of the preceding species of this genus, but is otherwise somewhat anomalous, for it normally has more ribs and these of different texture. The fruit, too, is much larger than that of the other species, is covered with deciduous spines, and has a greenish white pulp.

Figure 186 is from a photograph taken by Paul G. Russell at the type locality in 1915.

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