Mediterranean region, is the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata (Longo and Rapisarda 1995).

Predicting Future Pests

With increasing globalization and the introduction of cactus pear as a commercial fruit and fodder plant into many countries, many pests will eventually find their way to new countries and continents, with potentially disastrous consequences to local cactus-pear industries. Crawlers of Dactylopius species can be dispersed over long distances by the wind (Moran et al. 1982). As increased cultivation provides more targets for the pests, their chances of locating these targets will improve considerably. Once Dactylopius opuntiae has reached any of the Mediterranean countries in

TABLE 14.1 (continued)

Insect order and species

Pest status



Southern Africa, East Africa, Mauritius, Australia, India, and some smaller islands


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