Intra- and interspecific competition

Nurse plants

V__)" Survivorship



Figure. 6.2. Life-cycle diagram and elasticity values of two columnar cacti, Neobuxbaumia tetetzo and Pachycereus pringlei. Values are given in percentages. Se = seedlings (0-15 cm in height); sa = saplings (15-45 cm); j = juvenile (45-100 cm); im = immature (100-150 cm); m = mature (i50->650 cm). Values corresponding to seed germination and seedling establishment are incorportated in those for the reproduction of mature individuals. References: for N. tetetzo, Godínez-Alvarez et al. 1999; for P! pringlei, C. Silva-Pereyra, A. Valiente-Banuet, L. Valiente, J. Ortega-Ramírez, and P Dávila, unpublished observations.

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