List of Contributors . vii Preface . ix

1. Evolution and Systematics

Robert S. Wallace and Arthur C. Gibson . 1

2. Shoot Anatomy and Morphology

Teresa Terrazas Salgado and James D. Mauseth . 23

3. Root Structure and Function

Joseph G. Dubrovsky and Gretchen B. North . 41

4. Environmental Biology

Park S. Nobel and Edward G. Bobich . 57

5. Reproductive Biology

Eulogio Pimienta-Barrios and Rafael F. del Castillo . 75

6. Population and Community Ecology

Alfonso Valiente-Banuet and Héctor Godínez-Alvarez . 91

7. Consumption of Platyopuntias by Wild Vertebrates Eric Mellink and Mónica E. Riojas-López . 109

8. Biodiversity and Conservation

Thomas H. Boyle and Edward F. Anderson . 125

9. Mesoamerican Domestication and Diffusion Alejandro Casas and Giuseppe Barbera . 143

10. Cactus Pear Fruit Production

Paolo Inglese, Filadelfio Basile, and Mario Schirra . 163

11. Fruits of Vine and Columnar Cacti

Avinoam Nerd, Noemi Tel-Zur, and Yosef Mizrahi . 185

12. Forage, Fodder, and Animal Nutrition Ali Nefzaoui and Hichem Ben Salem . 199

13. Nopalitos, Mucilage, Fiber, and Cochineal

Carmen Sáenz-Hernández, Joel Corrales-Garcia, and Gildardo Aquino-Pérez ■ 211

14. Insect Pests and Diseases

Helmuth G■ Zimmermann and Giovanni Granata ■ 235

15. Breeding and Biotechnology

Brad Chapman, Candelario Mondragon Jacobo, Ronald A. Bunch, and Andrew H.. Paterson ■ 255

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