The Amaryhs Family The Amaryllidaceae

Strange as ii may seem, the amarylJis bulb blooming in your window, with its green strap-shaped leaves and wide trumpet flowers, has one very well-known succulent relative: the Century Plant. This most important succulent member of the Amaryllis family belongs to the genus Agave (ah-gah'-vec), whose more than three hundred species range from the southwestern United States to the equator and throughout the West Indies.

The agaves are succulent rosette plants varying in size from large specimens six or eight feet across, with bloom spikes thirty-five feel high, to handsome small species only a foot in diameter. Their flowers are usually yellow green and not es-pecialiy colorful, but the bold form oi the plants is very striking and decorative. The tough fibrous leaves of several species produce sisal, which is used in making rope, and the t -

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