Sap from Lhe heart of other species is fermented to make the Mexican drink pulquei

Oí'the large agaves A, americana, the Century Plant, is certainly the most popular and commonly grown. Its broad, gray-green, lance-shaped leaves edged with dark brown teeth and tipped with a strong spine have developed a number i>: striking variegated Ibrms, such as the variety margínala, with leaves edged yellow, and the varieties medio-picta and striata, with yellow stripes in the center of iheir leaves. But despite a popular misconception these Century Plants do not take a century to bloom, only ten to fifty years, after which they die, leaving numerous offsets at the base. With these offsets one can niake handsome container plants that will remain relatively small for years.

Among the medium-sized species the soft gray-green rosettes of A. attenuata are truly outstanding. Broad, un-

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