If the rock garden is in one of those relatively frost-free areas in which succulents may be grown out of doors the year

The succulent bed should always be gently sloped and shaped in an in Cresting free-form pattern Dudleya brittonti is the handsomu rosette in the foreground right; the large white clusters beside it arc Echeyeria alba hybrids backed by a solid border of the smaller white rosettes of Echeveria elegans. The large cabbage-like plants in the center arc A eon t urn nabilt and behind them a mass of Kleinia rcpens and thu Caller Cotyledon teretifolia.

A few large rocks, carefully placed, enhance any succulcnt planting. The sLriking while rosette in the foreground is Dudleya briuonii; the large dark plant beside it, Gasierta carinata; and the white duster* behind them both, Echexeria elegans. To the right of the rock in the center is .to ┬┐toe. behind it Kieinia repens and the la It finger-like Cotyledon teretifolia in bloom.

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