The currenl ¡merest in house plants has led many gardeners to attempt growing al! sorts of lush tropical foliage plams, ferns, and even orchids indoors. But despite their best efforts with fluorescent lights, atomizers, and humidifiers they have never been able to turn their hot, dry rooms into jungles or give the time and care these plants require. And all the while they have overlooked a whole world of plants whose magnificent forms and foliage outdo any tropical or fern, whose flowers no orchid can match, whose native habitat excecds our rooms in heat and drought, and whose simple care even the busiest, most neglectful gardener can manage. If ever there were plants ideally suited to our modern homes and lives, they are succulents.

So gardeners everywhere, frustrated by the constant demands and failures of tropicals, are beginning to rediscover succulents as house plants. And in doing so they are only reaffirming the judgment of their parents and grandparents, wio in the twenties and nineties made these plants permanent fixtures in their sun rooms and porches, suting rooms and kitchens. Even today succulents enjoy a far greater popularity in Europe than in America—a curious fact that is difficult to explain. But a renewed interest in succulents may soon change the style of growing things in American homes.

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