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Actually the genus Kalanchoe is by far the largest in the tribe, with over two hundred species scattered over Africa India, China. Malaysia. Madagascar, and even tropica] America. The kalanchoes are generally small shrubby plants, usually a foot or two in height, with succulent opposite leaves. Several species produce a profusion of small brightly colored winter flowers that have long been prized as house plants for the Christmas season. Outstanding among these are the ever popular scarlet K. blossfeidiana and A", fiammea, the fragrant pink K. carnea, and a host of florists' varieties, with flowers ranging from white and yellow through deep purple.

01 several species grown primarily for their interesting foliage none is more popular than the Panda Plant. K tomen-tosaT whose silvery plush leaves stained rich red brown at (he margins are loved the world over. Equally interesting arc the heavily spotted gray-green leaves of the Pen Wiper Plant, K. marmorata; and the huge, treelike Velvet Elephant Ear, K. beharensis. This largest member of the Kalanchoe tribe has thick, velvety, silver-brown triangular leaves up to eighteen inches across, and has recently found great favor in landscaping with other bold tropical-foliage plants- Although Kalanchoe beharensis is sometimes grown under the name Kitchingia mandrakensis, the seven or eight species of kitch-ingia native to Madagascar are seldom met with in cultivation.

Unlike the rare kitchingias, the prolific bryophyllums are in evidence everywhere succulents are grown. Most of the twenty or more species native to Madagascar, like the ubiquitous B. pinnatum, have encircled the globe because of their curious habit of bearing hundreds of tiny plantlets along their leaf margins which fall to earth ready to grow. Indeed, they reproduce themselves so easily that many gardeners have come to regard them as weeds. But despite this embarrassing productivity few succulents are more interest-

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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