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and for ihe first time in their long history these plants are being given a more natural, more nearly functional place in ihe garden. They are being used so freely and intelligently, with such good taste and judgment that there is no doubt succulents are here to stay for all time.

The Rock Garden

The commonest, most natural way to use succulents in ihe garden is 10 combine them with stones to make a rock garden. Bui the modern succulent rock garden is a far cry from the wagon-wheel and skull-littered rock piles of the twenties or the rather austere moraines and screes of the alpine gardener. It is simply a sligntly raised, free-form bed in which stones and plants are carefully and sparingly blended together to recreate a miniature desert landscape. It may be as small as three by five feel or it may cover an entire garden, but its principles and technic] ues are tne same.

There are many types of rock garden construction. Some utilize a natural slope in the garden, others the banks o! a winding ravine, still others build elaborate terraces and contours. But the easiest and best method for gardeners with a level site is the simple mound—a pile of earth over a central core of drainage material. It requires no excavation, provides perfect drainage, and may be varied in shape and size to fit any location,

T'his last lactor, location, is of utmost importance in making a successful succulent garden Tht site selected must be well drained, well ventilated, and relatively frost-free—especially in areas where the plants remain out of doors the year round. An open eastern or southern exposure is generally best. And more important still, the rock garden musi fit easily into the landscape picture. It must not be set in the middle of a lawn like a desolate island, or near plants whose colors and texture* clash with the strong lines and character of succulents. A place at the edge of the lawn; a bright, secluded iftfjfc . 1 .

Victorian patterned piloting

The'Rock Garden*of the twenti«

Modern free form pbn+ing

Brd for catéter fcçnjtr. with ftrnotaûblf potfr^i pUlrtv

Modem jfchitecruraII plan+ing


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