are among the easiest, most satisfactory of all succulents to grow. Every collection should include some of the species mentioned here, and as many more as space and interest will allow.

There is only one other important member in the Sedum tribe, the genus Graptopetalum (grap-toh-pet'-a-lum). Although the graptopeiaiums consist of only seven or eight species, all native to our Southwest and Mexico, they have endured a long history of changing names, synonyms, and tribes. But for once the confusion of names is understandable, for the graptopetalums really look more like echeverias and pachy-phytums than sedums. They are all wonderful rosette plants with thick, subtly colored and tinted leaves; and only their wide-spreading flower petals, spotted and streaked with reddish brown, mark them as members of the Sedum tribe,

There are two very popular species of graptopetalum which should be included in every succulent collection. The first is I he Amethyst Plant, G. amethysttnum, which so nearly resembles Pachyphytum bracteosum that it is often mistakenly caited a pachyphytum too. It is a handsome plant, eighi or ten inches high, forming rosettes of thick, oval, amethyst-purple leaves tinted with highlights of pink and blue. The second species is the universally popular Ghost Plant, G. paraguayense, which has innumerable aliases such as Graptopetalum or Byrnesia or Echeveria weinbergii. It gets its single popular name, however, from the soft gray-green color of its flau pointed leaves, which are touched with highlights of pink, red, and purple, and seem to glow softly at dusk. Bui despite its delicate appearance this graptopetalum, as most of the other species, will stand an amazing amount nf hardship and neglect. Perhaps that is why it is one of the most widely grown and welMoved succulents we have today-

This combination of unbelievable toughness and delicatt beauty is a common trail of all the Sedum tribe- No other succulents seem to grow and propagate quite so easily, Only

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