are virtually useless to (he beginning collector. There are two tropical genera. Discocactus (dis-ko-kak'-tus) and Melocacius

(mel-oh-kak'-tus), and they can be distinguished from all other cacti by the fact that their flowers arise from a headlike mass of wool and bristles called a cepiialium (seh-fay'-Iee-i; ■, which sits on lop the plant. This head is so distinct from the melon-shaped body of the plant that it looks as if it had been grafted to it. In Melocacius intortus, for example, the body of the plant resembles a Barrel Cactus, but it is topped with a striking red or brown head which looks so much like a fez that the plant is popularly called the Turk's Cap Cactus. The

Melon Cacti are strictly greenhouse plants for the expert grower They require heatf perfect drainage, very moderate watering, and considerable age to develop their striking form.

The Pincushion Cacti-The Subtribe Coryphanthanae

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