The générai method of potting dish gardens is the same as thai for potting individual plants; however, greater care must be taken to create a harmonious and beauti u1 arrangement in the container. If a desert landscape is to be suggested, a few pieces of weathered rock or driftwood carefully chosen for color and texture may be sunk into the soil before planting. With these as a setting small divisions and seedlings of cacti and other succulents may be planted around :hem artistically, Care should be taken to use plants that require the same general treatment, thai contrast nicely in color and texture, and that do not grow too quickly. In the miniature scale of the dish garden the uprig it siems of a stapelia will suggest a great Organ Cactus, a tiny haworthia becomes a Century Plant, a seedi ng mammillaria a great Barrel Cactus, and the blue-green tufts of Sedum dasyphyllum a bit of desert brush. The possibilities are unlimited.

Of course good taste must always be used to make these living arrangements clean, simple, and uncluttered- Some may wish to add liny figures and props to the scene, but this generally leads to something less artistic, li is enough to have a handsome dish, one or two well-chosen stones, and a half dozen perfectly spaced plants to create a bit of living deseri in the home.

Occasionally succulents are grown in terrariums—glass bowls, aquariums, or brandy sniflers partly filled with soil and plants. They are rarely happy in these containers, however, because there is no provision for drainage, the close atmosphere in the bowl induces rot, and the glass cuts o:T an appreciable amount of sunlight from the plants. The only advantages of such a planting are that it removes spiny plants out of ihe immediate reach of children, it can go months without watering if fitted with a loose cover, and it does pro-V|de a rather dramatic frame for a miniature desert scene. The preparation of such a planting is the same as for a novelty container without drainage, but it requires even closer atten tion io

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