of the Milkweeds but not the alluring sights and smells of the Stapeliads. the\ have devised a clever flytrap mechanism to insure pollination. The flower tubes are usually expanded at the base and fringed inside with hairs that point downwards. Insects that venture into this pitfall cannot escape until jusi the moment when the pollen is ripe Then the menacing hairs wither and the captive is free to carry off the pollen to another flower The fruit that results is a twin pod filled with small plumed seeds, jiist as in the Stapeliads.

Of the shrubby ccropegias two species from the Canary Islands are occasionally seen in collections. Both have round, jointed, finger-thick stems up to three feet high which bear narrow temporary leaves during the growing season and clusters of small lantern-flowers with the petal tips united, C. dichotoma has three-quarter-inch pale yellow flowers, and G fusca larger chocolate-brown blossoms,

Much more commonly grown are the climbing species from South Africa, such as C. stopeliiformis* The stout, clambering, five-foot stems of this species not only resemble

a rampani stapelia, but the two-inch while flowers have separate petal lips forming a five-poinled star. Even more spectacular is the handsome ( sandersonii, whose strong twining stems are furnished with thick, leathery leaves and the finest Bowers of the clan These amazing blossoms are nearly three inches in length and consist oi a graceful, greenish-white funnel flaring upward whose lips expand overhead to form an immense parachute-like canopy edged with vibratile hairs, it is a "must" for every serious collector.

11 is scarcely necessary to recommend the several species of ceropegia. for they have been favorite hanging-basket and house plants for generations. Certainly the best known is the charming, tuberous-rooted C, woodii—the Rosary Vine—whose slender, threadlike stems are hung with silver and green heart-shaped leaves and dainty purple lantern-flowers. Other popular trailing species somewhat likett

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